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Grass Dump Permit

JLDI provides a grass dump for the personal use of all leased lot owners at the lake and is funded by a portion of the lease fees paid to CNPPID each year. Landowners in Lakeview Acres, Merriweather Addition, Pelican Bay and Wade Addition may purchase an annual permit for $50.00 for their personal use.


The dump site is located 3/4 mile west of the intersection of highway 283 & Road 748. Road 748 is the first gravel road south of the golf course.   


JLDI asks everyone to adhere to the guidelines and help to keep the dump site clean.  Abuse of the site will result in card deactivation and loss of access to the grass dump. 

Non-Permitted Items                                 Permitted Items

                             Smoldering embers/leaves                      Leaves - not in bags

                             Trash or Construction material                Garden plants - not in pots

                             Appliances                                                  Tree limbs - not to exceed 10"

                             Dead Fish


                   Dumping items not permitted will result in loss of dump privileges

Grass Dump Permit Request

Provide mailing address if it's not your lake address

Card # 

Replacement Card #  

By clicking on "Submit", I agree to follow the rules as described.

Rules & Regulations

  • One care issued to qualifying lot owner free of charge

  • One card issued to qualifying deeded lot owner for $50.00 per year

  • $20.00 fee charged for any replacement card

  • Fine assessed of $250.00 for lending card to anyone

Permitted Items - in designated areas

  • Grass - not in bags

  • Leaves - not in bags

  • Garden waste - not in bags

  • Tree limbs - not to exceed 10" diameter


Cameras are in use and the dump administrator is authorized to assess a fine of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per violation. A second violation or failure to pay will result in immediate and permanent loss of access and use of the yard waste site.

Non-Permitted Items

  • No cans, plastic, paper, cardboard

  • No batteries, paint, chemicals

  • No appliances of any kind

  • No shingles, lumber or building material

  • Trash

  • Burning or smoldering embers

  • Anything that's not grass, leaves or limbs

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